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Here is – How to Complete the 4th Mission on Clubpenguin

Posted by Concerns1234 on August 8, 2007

A secret gadget room for 4th mission at Clubpenguin

OK. Heres the How to complete the 4th Mission at Clubpenguin. Thanks to Ravi who took the time to write the whole procedure for me!

At the beginning of the mission you will be in the HQ with G. Talk to him. Ask him about the white fur you recovered from the last mission. Then ask him about the avalanche incident. He will tell you that there are 4 penguins trapped on Ski Hill. He will then tell you to use the Life Preserver Shooter and any other items you can adapt to it to make something to help rescue the penguins. Then ask where you can find the Life Preserver Shooter. He will say it is in the Gadget Room, and unlock it. He will then disappear until the end of the mission.

Once inside, find the Life Preserver Shooter and put it in your inventory. Then go to the Lighthouse. Find the rope draped over the boat and just like the Life Preserver Shooter, put it in your inventory. Next, go to the Ski Lodge. Locate the Fishing Pole next to the Ice Fishing game (door). Now that you have all the items in your inventory, put them all together! Put the Fishing Pole on the Life Preserver Shooter, and then the Rope on top of that! Now you have a gadget useful of rescuing the penguins.

But before you go to the Mountain, you must go to Ski Village. Find the White Fibers by the Ski Lift and put them in your inventory for later.

Finally, go to the Mountain. Go down Ridge Run. You will now be faced with 3 pathways continuously. First, take the right path, then take the middle path, then the middle path again, then the left path, and finally when you get to the tree, take the right path.NOTE: The paths in the mountain are changing so please try different combinations or watch Video Guide for 4th Mission

Once down where the 4 penguins are,

(Represents where penguins and cliff with rock are)


____O 2



use the special gadget you just made to grab penguin #1 and then use his weight to get penguin #2. Now that you have both of them on the gadget, put the first penguin back where he was on the tree branch (so that he is not blocking you from getting penguin #3) then use penguin #2 to get penguin #3 and go back and get penguin #1. Now put all the penguins on the cliff where the rock is. They will all push it, and thus the rock will fall and spring the last penguin up a little bit higher. Get all the 3 previous penguins back on the gadget and drop them down to get the last penguin.

Once you have successfully rescued all 4 penguins, you will then be back on top of the mountain with a bunch of workers and G. Give the white fibers you found at Ski Village to him. And that’s the mission!

BONUS: Take the belt of the mannequin penguin in the Sport Shop, and put it on the Ski Lift in Ski Village to fix it! Doing this, you get a bonus award at the end of the mission!


14 Responses to “Here is – How to Complete the 4th Mission on Clubpenguin”

  1. whatever6738 said

    kewl thx dude i never knew ’bout the bonus SWEET

  2. greattips said

    Its my duty to help you!

  3. Grey55 said


  4. dxbgirl said

    ok…..Thanks for The Help!

  5. miemeekiscool09 said

    sorry but i don’t know what to do coz i have pershooter rope and fishing rope what do i need to get the penguins?

  6. Benny 194 said

    yeah thanks for the help but ur directions when u r on the mountain is wrong!

  7. You have to follow the directions….to get to the penguins when the last you come take the life shooter and click on the empty way down then you get the penguins and see what up i told!

  8. The directions i followed i wrote…clubpenguin changes i will change it right now!

  9. britto said

    i need help with the mission about the fur please

  10. Kellie said

    k I took the right path thing then it dident work so i took the middle it dident work i took it again like you said and it still dident work what should i do

    Editors Comment: The mountain directions are changing and will be visible if u see at our video guide for 4th Mission!

  11. hubu said

    thanks that was really easy i did it already by myself not are u a boy or a girl

  12. jack said

    verry verry good it helps me alot

  13. i not leaving my name said

    thx i never knew about the fishing rode or the white fur thx

  14. abigail said

    that helped me alot but i need help on the missing fur one cuz i did not know how to get the jet pack fuel but the is all i know about it first when you see the fur u comb it and then g gives u pink fur u put that in and it says jet pack fuel hot chocolate and jet pack fuel the u go to the pizza place and talk to the guy and ask him if u can take the chocolate sauce and pizza sauce and u take both the u go to the coffee shop and u talk and u look at the drawing and then u click on the guy and ask him if u can make hot chocolate and then u take out the wrench and u wench it to so it stays the u turn the water on hot cuz it’s on cold the u press the button that says press for hot chocolate then u take it and u talk to the guy and then u leave and get more chocolate sauce (if u want u do not have to) and u give the pizza to the guy who’s ice fishing and then u if i remembered right u can pick up the candle but i can not get the fuel help me please pppppppppllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee please

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