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Video – How to Complete the 4th Mission

Posted by Concerns1234 on October 31, 2007

Heres a video tutorial on how to complete the 4th mission – made by me! Please comment if you liked the video and I’ll upload more for all the missions! The video is a little more than 3 minutes.


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New Pin for 26th October

Posted by Concerns1234 on October 27, 2007


This Spider Pin is in Cave. Time it right to get it Its moving here and there.

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SlideShow for Halloween Party

Posted by Concerns1234 on October 26, 2007

[splashcast KOPO4632HQ]

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Halloween Party!

Posted by Concerns1234 on October 26, 2007

Halloween Party is the biggest great halloween party. I loved it…Theres a Jack-O-Lantern near the Moderator sign…Click it then it will be saying to get a basket..


The Baskets are in  Snowforts

–How to Find all The Candies–


1. This candy can be found in The Pizza Parlor by clicking the shown part in the pic. It will shoot the candy in the right hand corner only click you will get it. This is 1st Treat


2. This candy can be found in coffee Shop. Click on The Cake and it will appear. This is 2nd Treat


3. This candy can be found in Forest. It will be hidden click on it it will appear. This is 3rd Treat


4. This candy can be found in Beacon. Its not hidden but click on it. This is 4th treat


5. This candy can be found in Ski Lodge. Its in a Fish Eye. It will fall down so get it. This is 5th treat


6. First Click the puffle the puffle will give a card and you have to answer a question. The Answer is D that is Happy Halloween! Then puffle dive in the tank of apples and make the candy so get it! Its in Dance Club


7.This  candy can be found at Mountain. Click on the Scarecrow and it appears!


8. This is the last candy in the cove but you have to click the binoculars and it appears and then click on the jack o lantern near moderator sign and click claim prize and you get a “Halloween Scarf”!


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New Yearbook and Party Hat and Halloween Party Final Sneak Peek! in Clubpenguin

Posted by Concerns1234 on October 24, 2007


This is a Final Sneak Peek of the Halloween Party!


This is the New Book in The Book Room!


The Party Hat is in The book Room in Clubpenguin….Did you know that the party is only in Coffee Shop!!

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Secret Halloween Picture of Plaza in Clubpenguin

Posted by Concerns1234 on October 22, 2007

halloween-pics.jpgThis is a Secret Halloween Picture of Plaza….What do you think about It?

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