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Ninja Clues

Posted by Concerns1234 on October 15, 2007

ninja-prani.JPG  ninja-prani-2.JPG ninja-prani-3.JPG

Here are some clues to see NINJAS!! Are the rumors true? Must be..!


13 Responses to “Ninja Clues”

  1. notey7 said

    i see a ninja at the cove all around the gray concrete wall!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Another Penguin said

    -_- I never thought that ninjas really existed on Club Penguin. I only thought they were on Penguin Chat3

  3. alohacp said

    man it must be true than……
    so maybe clubpenguin is giving us clues that its there or maybe its something else?

  4. joaquin said

    snowball of the nija clue of the ski village

  5. alex said

    is there a way to become a ninja?plz tell me!

  6. shezzy101 said

    so are ninjas really real?

  7. i think so…..

  8. Pompie479 said

    do you have to download CP trainer to be a ninja?

  9. Email me at to give me a account that has ninja stuff or a link to penguin chat 3 version not or tell me how to become a ninja with out hacking

  10. I think this is how u be a ninja. go on a applemac computer on any canda server on firefox turn black then go to the dojo put up the news for 5 min then X out of it then wait 5 more min three ninjas will apper click on them and if u dont u can never do this agin..


  11. Greenmix said

    Wow! Im in club penguin. In mountanin ! In mountanin too ninja shadow!

  12. Gogo said

    So What Should I Do To Be A Ninja ?????

  13. mizzcheeky97 said

    wow, maybe cp is trying to tell us something! I wonder what?!

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