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Buy Yellow Puffle in Clubpenguin (CP) and other News!

Posted by Concerns1234 on November 30, 2007

Yellow Puffle with Concerns1234The Yellow Puffle is here to be adopted! Buy your Yellow Puffle for 800 coins as same. The Yellow Puffle is for MEMBERS only! I think everyone should be allowed to adopt it. As the yellow puffle is better than all the puffles.


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Subscribe Concerns1234 Clubpenguin Cheats by E-mail!

Posted by Concerns1234 on November 26, 2007

Finally it is now possible to subscribe to my blog through email! Now, you can get all the juicy cheats for Clubpenguin while reading your email. So all I ask is you subscribe to my blog posts by email and also visit my site.

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Yellow Puffle Spotted in Puffle Round Up Game!

Posted by Concerns1234 on November 24, 2007


Here is a pic of the yellow puffle spotted in Puffle Round Up Game in Clubpenguin!

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Western Party! Free Item Bandana, Pin of 23rd November and Backgrounds!

Posted by Concerns1234 on November 23, 2007

The Surprise Party is Western Party as i was sure about it.

—Free Item—

The Free Item (Bandana) is in Plaza they brought it back!

—Pin of 23rd November—

The pin is in the Cove in the Haystack.

—Backgrounds— (Free Backgorunds)

The 2 backgrounds are in Forest and Dock.

I cant post pics cause i have a problem..

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The New Stage! The New Room of Clubpenguin!

Posted by Concerns1234 on November 16, 2007


The New Stage Screen of Plaza


The Inner part of the New Stage! + The circled part if you click adjusts it..


The Catalog for the Space….The costumes are too expensive…!



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Yellow Puffle in the Stage! in Clubpenguin

Posted by Concerns1234 on November 16, 2007


This is the Yellow Puffle in the Stage…..As usual he appears in 30 minutes…

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