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Golden Puffle or Yellow Puffle Appears!

Posted by Concerns1234 on November 12, 2007


This is our Yellow Buddy above the Construction of Plaza…He will be for sale in 30th November! He appears in every 30 Minutes and yes the construction of plaza is for theater for actors..actors needed soon. If you take mouse over the door the sound comes of UFO althrough because a UFO Pin!


8 Responses to “Golden Puffle or Yellow Puffle Appears!”

  1. blizzardskis said

    i waited for golden puffle for 20 minutes and it did not come

  2. penangle said

    I SAWN IT AT THE PLAZA by the way there r three(or more dunno)places where to find it plus wait 30 minutes plaza mountain and the forest i founded when i just login click on the map click on the plaza just got there and popped the yellow puffle poped up

  3. snowypengy said

    you need to wait for 30 Min

  4. Bubbles6797 said

    yea penangel now u can only c it in the plaza, you could only see it in the forest or the mountain during the halloween partey

  5. clubpenguin555555 said

    please go to my site
    Please go to every page and put your comment! IT ALL ABOUT CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Editor’s Comment: Please don’t post links to your blog in comment body. Put it where it is permitted.

  6. Antney said

    To see the yellow puffle in the stage click on puffle drama faces and look in the spot shown on the top chairs of the theater

    Editor’s Comment: Thats right 😉

  7. uyg said

    your gay

  8. Bb Fan said

    there is not a golden puffle!

    Dont drink and waddle

    untill then…….Waddle on!

    Bb Fan

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