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No Hacking Association (NHA)

Posted by Concerns1234 on December 28, 2007



This day my friend in real life got hacked in clubpenguin. This action was taken today. Over 100 s of people have got hacked. If you think it is real bad thing and like to be a member of this association, Post this Badge on your website. and be a member of this association. We’ll have meeting on how to stop this. If you have put this badge, comment me i’ll put ur name here. This Group is also part of Green26gangstas

We currently have 10 supporters in our association.


Concerns1234 (Leader)

Supporters :

Website Name : MackinPenguin – Name : Pmac

Website Name : Clubpenguin Cheats – Name : Green26gangstas

Website Name : Clubpenguin Cheats by fotis01 – Name : Fotis01

Website Name : Cheats | Help | Info – Name : Bluesoulxo

Website Name : CP info – Name : Kippy72

Website Name : Clubpenguin Info – Name : Justingarret

Website Name : Clubpenguin Site – Name : Opus4433

Website Name : No Website – Name : pinguinin56

Website Name : Cp cheats – Name : Wariolink

Website Name : Clubpenguin Cheats – Name : Plarem56


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New Year Fireworks and Iceberg

Posted by Concerns1234 on December 28, 2007

There are Fireworks in Iceberg and Mountain. There are Pics also see it!



and have you noticed yet? There is a Iceberg in Telescope of Beacon.


For more Details go to .

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Free Red and Green Scarf item for Christmas Party

Posted by Concerns1234 on December 25, 2007

As we were waiting for this red and green scarf for christmas its here in christmas day! and Merry Christmas! to all our readers. First of all to find the Red and Green Scarf go to Ski Village.


And so enjoy!

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Christmas Party 07 Free items and Pin

Posted by Concerns1234 on December 22, 2007

For a long time we were waiting for a Christmas party in Clubpenguin so its here! Now the Free items

—Free Items—

Santa Hat

Santa Hat

The Santa hat
is in Snow Forts

Reindeer Antlers Hat

Reindeer Antlers Hat

The Reindeer Antlers are in the Dock

Free Bell in the beach

The Bell is in the Beach. DANCE to ring it.

—New Pin—

The Wreath Pin

The Wreath Pin

The New Wreath Pin is located in Ski Lodge. Go upstairs and you’ll find it on the right side of the room.

Theres a new scarf in ski village if you cant see it please go off and then sign in again.

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December 07 Clothing Catalog Secrets

Posted by Concerns1234 on December 9, 2007

The New December 07 Clothing Catalog is out and here are the SECRETS!


Click the Snowflake next to the Blue Turtleneck sweater on Page 4 for the Red Viking Helmet.


Click on the HeadPhones on Page 10 for the Red Electric Guitar


Click the N in Clearance on the page before the Backgrounds for the Swim Goggles and theres 3 new backgrounds!

Until then Waddle On!


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New Emotes! in Clubpenguin

Posted by Concerns1234 on December 8, 2007


The New Emotes have been Comed to Clubpenguin! And Check out my New Website ClubpenguinHero 

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