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Contributor’s Needed

Posted by Concerns1234 on December 4, 2007

Hey Penguins,

I recently want some contributors to manage posts i cant handle all the website but to all to reduce some of my work. I want only 2 contributors. To be a contributor first add me to your blogroll and then add a comment and give me your wordpress username Then you will be a Contributor!


3 Responses to “Contributor’s Needed”

  1. You are on my blogroll already! Sooo…. my username is… green26gangstas and my e-mail is…

  2. shishkapig said

    my email is and i dont have a bog but have had a 500,000 hit site and would love to help with yours! email me ASAP please. my name is shon 🙂

    Shon or Squilers

  3. Ethan said

    My Name is Hillward My Mail is

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