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December 07 Clothing Catalog Secrets

Posted by Concerns1234 on December 9, 2007

The New December 07 Clothing Catalog is out and here are the SECRETS!


Click the Snowflake next to the Blue Turtleneck sweater on Page 4 for the Red Viking Helmet.


Click on the HeadPhones on Page 10 for the Red Electric Guitar


Click the N in Clearance on the page before the Backgrounds for the Swim Goggles and theres 3 new backgrounds!

Until then Waddle On!



4 Responses to “December 07 Clothing Catalog Secrets”

  1. imcool4395 said

    You Need To Post More

  2. yual said

    how do u get that bell thingy?

  3. I agree you need to post more!!!!

  4. ymea13 said

    first of all u left out so many cheats. when u click on the snowflake for the red viking helmet theres also a way to get the blue viking helmet. click on the red viking helmet about four times to reveal the blue viking helmet. it can only be done once so u might have to turn the page then back. also, this is not a very big cheat but if u go to the next page n click the pizza the penguin with the pizza outift on is holding it turns into a fish. if u go a couple of pages, n see the flashlight, n clcik on it, it will turn on. n just as a reminder it doesnt matter whether or not u click on the ‘n’ in clearance if u click ne where on tht word it will come up with the swim goggles. i also know many mor cheats for the furniture catalog n other stff so email me ne time.

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