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Christmas Party 07 Free items and Pin

Posted by Concerns1234 on December 22, 2007

For a long time we were waiting for a Christmas party in Clubpenguin so its here! Now the Free items

—Free Items—

Santa Hat

Santa Hat

The Santa hat
is in Snow Forts

Reindeer Antlers Hat

Reindeer Antlers Hat

The Reindeer Antlers are in the Dock

Free Bell in the beach

The Bell is in the Beach. DANCE to ring it.

—New Pin—

The Wreath Pin

The Wreath Pin

The New Wreath Pin is located in Ski Lodge. Go upstairs and you’ll find it on the right side of the room.

Theres a new scarf in ski village if you cant see it please go off and then sign in again.


6 Responses to “Christmas Party 07 Free items and Pin”

  1. shelby88 said

    what new scarf!?

  2. Fiona080 said

    Hey This is great but you havnt posted how to get the free scarf. If you need to knoq where it is it can only be seen if you are green and are wearing the antlers. Everything else is so GREAT!
    Fiona080, Hibernate

  3. Bobfag said

    that is a green antlers you have worn you dont need to wear green or have antlers to see it u whore

  4. good tips! visit me at server fjord!

  5. tnx a lot hey make a password box on this site plz

  6. soz i didnt no u had 1 lol not funni really but hey who cares lol 😀

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