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New Clothing Catalog, New Wigs Catalog, New pin

Posted by Concerns1234 on January 7, 2008

 Hello! and there is our Clothing Catalog Secrets and New Wigs Catalog. Now there are 1 hidden item the “Viking Helmet” and 1 hidden apron thats “Coffee Apron” . Go to the Second Page of the Clothing Catalog. Then Click the Cactus . Then you will get a Viking Helmet When you Open and Close it 4 times you get a Blue Viking Helmet. Open and Close means Click it and Click do it 4 times and you get it! The Second cheat is the Coffee Apron….When you click the Blue Backpack on the 8th Page on Clothing Catalog…The Coffee Apron appears.

And yes theres also a New Wig Catalog…There are 2 new Wigs its “” The Flutterby “” and “” The SunStriker “”
The New Pin is in the Boiler Room. The New pin is a Shovel Pin. And guess? Whatever photo is in New clothing catalog anything from that comes in pin means its everytime. If you dont know where is the Shovel pin follow the steps.

  1. Go to Town
  2. Then to go to Night Club
  3. Then The Right Speaker of the DJ
  4. And then You will go to Boiler room!

Its the Clubpenguin’s 50th Pin!


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