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Contributor/ Free membership

Posted by green26gangstas on February 23, 2008

I’m the new contributor green26gangstas. My site is . I’ll be giving out free membership. Fill out the form below:

1. Your penguin name

2. The e-mail that activated your penguin

3. When you want your membership (dont say now or I wont give it to you)

Of course I cant give all of you membership, so i’ll choose one very six months.

Note- I’ll only give you monthly membership

Email Us at


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New Pin of 12 October

Posted by Concerns1234 on October 12, 2007


heres a The New Pin for 12 october.Its in The pet shop


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New Sport Shop!

Posted by Concerns1234 on August 31, 2007


The New Sport shop has been released!

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Camping Party – Beach Glitch

Posted by Concerns1234 on August 24, 2007


Click the wood to increase fire! Its in Beach!

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Camping Party – Free Item in Clubpenguin!

Posted by Concerns1234 on August 24, 2007


Free Item in Cove

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First Time photo on event Paper

Posted by Concerns1234 on August 23, 2007


First Time i saw 2 penguins on event paper!?

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