Clubpenguin Cheats

Clubpenguin Cheats with Concerns1234 and CareGod!


1. Go to the mountain.

2. Click on the “bunny slope” track. As you walk over there, open up your map.

3. Wait for the game to begin, and after it does, click on the town on your opened map.

4. Immediately after reaching the town, press “W” and you should start walking toward
the Coffee Shop door.
walk on the coffee shop

go to a sled race and while your on your way, click the map, when the race starts, click the town while your racing, and then while your in the town, you try to say something, and you go up the coffe shop, then click don the say something again
winning the sledrace
go to the bunnyhill part of the mountain, and click yes to racingwhen you are going if you are on the right side of a penguin then you click the left arrow button once, and if you are on the left side then you click the right arrow button once. stay in that spot for the whole game, hope fully you will win! good luck!!!!
robot dance
only you can see it but,put on all of your clown costume, (clothes,wig,and shoes) and then x out of the box,then click your penguin and dress him into something like a hula skirt, BUT DONT X OUT THE BOX then simply press the dance button and now your penguin should be danicing really wierd. its pretty cool!!

stand ontop of another penguin

press tab on your keyboard and then click ontop or on another penguin.

appear near the arrow sign
go into the nightclub and click the top right corner of the exit sign above the door, even while it loads.
you will appear near the arrow sign clossest to the dock.

sitting strait

face the way you would like to sit and press “s” on your keyboard.


go near the boat in the lighthouse and click the door then
the upstairs wall fast.
astro barrier

in the beginning of the game when it tells you what to do for the first level,
press 1 … 2 …. or 3 on your keyboard.

1- level 10
2- level 20
3- level 30

this glitch does not work with other numbers.

something pretty cool

go to the clubpenguin home page and click the penguin his clothes change

and if you click the “n” on the word NIGHTCLUB then it turns into a ninja..

something else pretty cool

go to “contact us” on the home page and
at the tope there is a picture.

put your mouse over the clothing shop door then quickly over the coffe shop door.
two penguins will meet and say HELLO!!

Pixel Glitch

To change the pixel of Clubpenguin screen simply press “=” on your keyboard! then see the pixel!




7 Responses to “Glitches”

  1. zepzepzepado said

    cool glitch of making the penguins meet

  2. greattips said

    It works!

  3. hooody said

    these glitches are Great!

    im Really Thankful to Concerns1234 and Caregod for this Help! Thanks very Much

  4. car45 said

    i don’t get the coffee shop glitch! can u please explain it concerns

  5. Benny 194 said

    most of those arent glitches!! theyre just things that you can do!

  6. Fred said


  7. Dark Agent 2 said

    click on the penguin instead of the n in nightclub its really cool and u can click on it again and again and again and it still does stuff

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