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New Pin for 28th September

Posted by Concerns1234 on September 28, 2007


The new pin is in the Snowforts! and Furniture catalog is out!


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New Items

Posted by Concerns1234 on September 26, 2007

There are three new itemsĀ  catalog-of-ff-new-item.JPG

If you buy all two new items. Then close the catalog and start it again…a rope will come click on it and lollypop appears!


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New Upcoming Prizes of Fall Fair on Clubpenguin

Posted by Concerns1234 on September 25, 2007

This is a Sneak Peek of New Upcoming Prizes OF Fall Fair in Clubpenguin

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Fall Fair Stuff and the New Pin for 21 September

Posted by Concerns1234 on September 21, 2007

First The Carnival Games! (All 6 Games)


This game PUFFLE SHUFFLE can be found in Forest.


This game Feed A puffle can be found in Cove.


There are 2 games there. Grab and Spin and Test your Strength!


This Puffle Paddle game can be found in Snowforts.


This game of Memory could be found in Beach.

Prize Booth Catalog…still to come. and the New pinĀ 


The new pin is There up and this is the can buy tickets by playing mini games!

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Fall Fair Sneak Peek

Posted by Concerns1234 on September 18, 2007


This is a COOL Fall Fair Sneak Peek!

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Rockhoppers More Cargo

Posted by Concerns1234 on September 14, 2007


Rockhopper brought some new cargo! Wonder what could be….and dont forget to come in Fall Fair that Rockhopper is Planning.

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